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Personal and Small Group Training


Personal Training

Nothing beats the assurance you get from one-on-one instruction with a fitness professional. Our personal trainers will design a custom exercise program just for you, and they'll provide motivation, guidance and education you need to feel great and get the results you're looking for.

Personal training is for you if you are:

  • A beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct exercise technique

  • Experienced and training hard but not getting the results you're looking for

  • Needing to lose body fat

  • Having a hard time sticking with a program

  • Bored with your present routine

  • Injured or suffering from a medical condition

  • Wanting to train for a special event


We feature two Keiser functional trainers and a squat rack using Kesier Pneumatic Resistance to safey improve 


physical performance in ways not seen with traditional strength training methods. Used by professional and collegiate athletes, NASA, firefighters and the military. 

Small Group Training

There's something special about working out with a group of people just like you. When everyone is working hard doing their best and having fun, there's an abundance of positive energy! You'll be more inspired and find yourself looking forward to the workouts. Plus, Peak's small group training is an fun and affordable option, giving you the benefits of having your own Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost of private training.

Workout in a small group of at least 2-4 people, with a trainer to lead you through a challenging, full body workout that will get your heart racing, your blood pumping and keep your motivation levels high.

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