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P3 Metabolic Training


Metabolism-boosting, small group resistance training

P3 is a Heart Rate Driven 45 Minute Workout utilizing safe, effective and multifunctional exercises designed by Peak trainers to increase your body's metabolism, build muscle and burn fat.

By maintaining the correct heart rate training zone and integrating high intensity training intervals into your workout, you will maximize the calories you burn. In addition, your body requires extra energy during the first hour or two after intense exercise like what you will experience in P3. This is called the "afterburn" effect.

P3 Consists of a complete 45 minute workout:

  • Warmup

  • 35 Minutes of Mixed Strength Intervals designed to maintain 70-85% of your max heart rate

  • Cooldown, Core and Stretch


Space is limited to 8 clients per workout.

Advanced registration required.


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