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The concept for Peak Performance was developed by Dan Caputo, youth athletic coach, Physical Therapist, CSCS and Dr. Drew Siegel, Chiropractor. The combination of talents of these 2 men has created a unique facility that is determined to develop and and maintain safe, enjoyable and effective programming for our clients.

What sets us apart is that Peak Performance is committed to creating an unparallelled wellness environment by offering exceptional Customer Service and innovative programs to help people reach their personal fitness and performance goals. Every client's results are of utmost importance to us.


What Makes Us Different?

While we offer many of the things a regular gym does, what makes us different is our passion for developing the best programs in town.

For over 10 years, we have dedicated our focus on creating a fun and rewarding environment while developing world-class solutions to helping you achieve profound results you're looking for.

Professional guidance and accountability you need for next-level results
The Navy SEAL inspired workout for strength, balance, flexibility & core!
Train in a group of 2-4 people for more accountability and savings
Increase your body's metabolism, build muscle and burn fat.
Callisthenics, cardio and strength training with dynamic team challenges
Better, stronger, faster athletes are custom built at Peak! Ages 8 through college.
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Classes for All Interests & Abilities

Whether you're new to exercising, a weekend warrior or an seasoned athlete, we have classes, programs and professionals to fit every level of fitness and interest.

Class Descriptions
Seriously fun fitness, expertly delivered.
View our weekly group exercise schedule!
Be our guest for a full 7 days and discover all of our classes on us!


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270 Route 206 South, Suite 200

Chester, NJ 07930

Tel: 908-955-7041

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